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About ProEx Realty Management

ProEx Realty Management is a property management company serving the Phoenix metro area. Our team of expert realtors and property managers are fluent in our modern local and national real estate climate.

We know the last thing you have time for is personally managing all that comes with a rental property. That’s why, with ProEx Realty Management, you’ll work with a team of professionals you can rely on. We can help, whether your primary goal is to buy, sell or invest.

As a local company, our mission is to serve the community where we live, work, shop, volunteer, and invest. Our group helps clients with all their residential real estate needs, covering everything from buying and selling homes to real estate investing and property management.

Over the last 10 years, we have...

  • Managed, fixed and sold over 250 corporate-owned properties
  • Sold over 500 homes
  • Dealt with tight budgets, legal issues, and renovations while helping our clients sell or manage their properties
  • Built and managed our own investment portfolio of single- and multi-family homes
  • Used creative financing to pull in a 40-60% ROI on all our off-market investment homes

Our valuable experience in the roles of both property manager and landlord gives us a unique advantage over our competitors. We’ll not only help you efficiently manage your rental properties but also help you find more off-market deals and add them to your investment portfolio.

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Meet our owner

Oggie Penev is the owner of ProEx Realty Management and an associate broker with Exp Realty. As an active real estate broker and investor, he deals with rental properties on a daily basis. He has learned the nuances of what makes a rental investment truly successful. Oggie and his full-service team have an incredible track record of proven success buying, selling, and managing Phoenix Metro Area homes.

Oggie has an associate degree in Business and Finance. He was Rookie of the year in his first year in the business and has sold nearly 100 million to-date. He has personally overseen the management and disposition of over 350 corporate-owned assets. Oggie has been ranked in the TOP 1% in the Phoenix market.

What sets Oggie apart from the rest of the pack is the level of professionalism that he approaches the real estate business with. Specifically, his strengths are in asset valuation, unique customized marketing plans, and intelligent negotiation. Oggie openly admits that he owes much of his success to standing on the shoulders of giants (his coaches) and humble implementation. While Oggie loves the real estate business, his true inspiration is his family; he and his wife Tina have 2 children, Martina (12) and Deia (7).


Check what our clients say about us

This team is amazing. I can't say enough about the care, focus, and customer services I received.

Sarah James

investment home seller

I would recommend Oggie and his team to anyone looking to purchase, sell, or any type of real estate service. I certainly want to give a big thankful shout out to Tasha.

Mike Tatum

Landlord Investor

Fantastic individual. Highly professional and wise beyond his years. Very specific recommendations by Oggie on what to do and what not to do in preparation for selling our rental property (successfully, within perhaps 60 days of listing). We are in the middle of three house deals right now with him and can not say enough good things about Oggie. (a sell, sell, and purchase). In all three he has been very effective, engaged, professional, and has exceeded all expectations thus far. I believe I have found my realtor for life in this Gentleman.

Anna Steel

rental property owner

Over the last few years, Oggie helped me sell multiple investment homes. His"check to check" listing system is great for investors. He and his team had done a great job managing all the aspects of the transaction. The latest home was no exception. His advice about the necessary upgrades and pricing strategy help us sell the home in the first week at the full asking price. I would recommend Oggie and his team to any investor.

Marie Jones

Real estate investor

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